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    • May 14, 2017 9:27 AM EDT
    • Hi everyone,


      I've just started a new FB group where I'm offering FREE Q/A coaching on Life-Purpose, Self-Love and Unedited Living!


      Feel free to join!

    • April 19, 2017 3:57 PM EDT
    • Hi Dave,

      Yes, it is explained on that page on the website. Thank you.

    • April 18, 2017 7:31 PM EDT
    • Hi Carla, is there a cost to this?

    • April 10, 2017 8:42 AM EDT
    • Thank you so much for your insight and is very much appreciated.

    • April 7, 2017 2:15 PM EDT
    • Great response Carla!


      I wholeheartedly agree with Carla!

    • April 7, 2017 1:52 PM EDT
    • Hi Rhonda,

      I am a LOA coach and that's exactly one of the questions I get asked the most.

      So, I am going to ask you another question: how are you feeling about it? How are you FEELING about paying your debt?

      Because you can think about it, visualise it, affirming it, focusing, all you want, but if your emotions about it are still coming from a place of fear, that means you're not in alignment with paying your debts.

      For example, if you're still feeling anxious, worried, fearful about the debts, that's exactly what you're going to attract and no amount of affirmations or visualizations are going to change that.

      Check where do you still have some resistance in paying those debts: are you fearful you're not going to have enough money to pay the debts? Are you feeling guilt that you have the debts?

      You need to shift the vibration into a place of empowerment. So, set up the intention to pay off your debts first. The Universe knows it already, so you don't need to affirm it every day. If you affirm it everyday, it just means you don't believe it. Once is enough.

      And then you just need to FEEL GOOD around paying your debts.

      Set up a payment plan, start paying the amount you are able at the present moment, and feel powerful doing that! Feel grateful for every single penny that goes into paying off the debts.

      Imagine the amazing feeling of having no more debts to pay and bring that feeling into your awareness everytime you think about the debts.

      Because you know, it is ultimately about how you feel. And you need to stay in a place of joy and alignment so it can start happening.

      I hope this helps and bring you a bit more clarity. :)

    • April 7, 2017 10:59 AM EDT
    • At least 9 months is when I have been really focusing on my thoughts, intentions, etc.  I do daily affirmations and practice gratitude.  I am really into the teachings of Mike and Andy Dooley...but for some reason the exact opposite of what I am thinking about is happening.


    • April 7, 2017 9:55 AM EDT
    • How long have you been trying to manifest? Are you meditating? Do you use daily affirmation and gratitudes?

    • April 7, 2017 9:16 AM EDT
    • Hello everyone.  Anyone's insight would be appreciated.  It seems as if that whatever I am focusing or thinking about manifesting...the exact opposite is happening.  For instance, paying off debt...I'm visualizing, affirming, all the things I am supposed to do...but it ends up creating more debt.  Or wanting someone special in my life...I only end up being alone.  Its vrey difficult to stay positive when things are not heading in the direction you would like them to be.  Again, thank you

    • February 4, 2017 5:05 AM EST
    • As huge fan of LOA you don´t need anyone to manifest your desire...just follow your bliss, be appretiative for everything you already have and everything you already become...if you ask yourself when money will come, who will help me, how etc you holding yourself in that vibration of luck. As you know already EVERYTHING ALWAYS WORKING OUT FOR ALL OF US, it´s just depend on you how much you`ll allow yourself to align with the Source...Just keep your better feelings thoughts, relax more, and shift your thinking about winn the lottary to something which give you good feelings...You have to find place in yourself where you will feel prosperity and abundance and then money will come. That´s the power of your thoughts. Hugs

    • December 28, 2016 9:21 AM EST
    • Gerry, thank you for your post. I haven't practiced mantras myself, so I don't know what difference it makes, I'm sure it does help. BTW, yesterday when on FB, I came across this - and it's beautiful 


      I understand that we can ask the Universe anything we wish (if you are guys not familiar with 'your wish is your command', check it out on YT) 


      In Peter Paget's videos I mentioned in my initial post, he says about the power of 3. Nicola Tesla was obsessed with number 3. So yes, I need 2 more people to please envision for Danka (me) a big lottery win and soon :) If You are reading this, please help me to manifest it.

      Not today, but soon in the near future, I'll write and post here how I nearly won £17,000,000 before I knew about the LOA (unfortunately, I wasn't persistent enough to belive I could win and therefore manifested undesired outcome; but hey, I didn't know any better at that point). 

      Hava a nice day!



    • December 27, 2016 1:23 PM EST
    • I watched the video. How does sherry breeezer work?

    • December 27, 2016 12:51 AM EST
    • i will check out the video. i have found Ganesh to be very helpful in manifesting and removing obstacles. I use mantras that i have learned from dr. pillai videos. also shreem byzee chants however...i have also personally found that if i need an increase in income it may not come in the manner i am thinking it should. chanting, mantras, and trusting the universe has led to a fulfilment of need but it may come with say a free meal rather than the money for a meal. i would say be open to all ways of abundance and do not limit it to a lottery win. for me over time the law of attraction has been one of attracting abundance in general rather than a specific item. that being said i will check out the video .